Lunes, Marso 19, 2018

What Truly Counts?

Text:  Romans 8: 28 – All things work together for good.

 We all have what we call Religion and each of them have different beliefs and doctrines, some are using the Holy Scriptures and believe God, and some worshiped Idols. We go to church diligently and even gave tithes and offerings. We do good works and participated in religious activities. But the question is, Are we doing it by heart?, or we just do it because this is our obligation as Christians?

In this blog I will focus on Christianity and our lives as Christians in reality.

As a Christian, we believe in the Living GOD, and we follow his words through the Holy Scriptures or The Bible, But we Christians sometimes fail, yes we believe in him but sometimes our faith is not that big. We pray for the things we want but we didn’t give back what HE had given us. We go to church every Sunday, but do we really listen and get the point of the message that he wants us to understand?We participate in church activities, but we only enjoy meeting other people and we forget the purpose why we are there. We volunteer in some outreach program because for you helping others can give you a place in heaven. We can teach people about the Bible but we judge others because they live differently among us. Then that is Hypocrisy.

We have our responsibility as Christians but we have to serve the LORD unconditionally, just like what HE did for us. Yes we read the Bible but we also must understand those verses in it. We go to Church every Sunday but we must reflect with the messages that HE wants us to know. We pray to HIM for HIS guidance and blessings but we must return the favor that we ask because not all prayers are answered, we often lose our FAITH, if our prayers were not answered. We do volunteer to do good works, but we are boasting it (Eph 2:9). We easily judge unbelievers, because we think we are perfect. Nobody is perfect in this world, There is no righteous no not one (Romans 3:10), we are all SINNERS.

GOD don’t want us to live perfect lives, but he wants us to live a life that we know HIM as our Father and Savior (John 14:6), Blessings are just coming your way if you follow HIM genuinely, be humble and don’t be proud (James 4:6), Christ the son of God humble himself (Phil 2:8), and He died on the cross to save us (John 3:16).

GOD gives the toughest battle to HIS children, but it’s up to us if we Trust HIM. He will never fail us for HE has plans for each one of us. Blessings will come for those who are willing to wait. Let’s learn how to perservere ourselves, for He also shows patience to us, and despite that we all have sinned HE still willing to forgive and embrace us. HE is Faithful enough to be misunderstood.

He alone is faithful and true
He alone knows what is best for yourselves

God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
But when you don’t understand
When you don’t see His plan
When you can’t trace His hand
Trust His heart.

            - Bobbie Mason-

Lunes, Pebrero 12, 2018

Future Cagers

  Filipinos have deep passion when it comes to basketball, we can see courts everywhere and even if they don't have full basketball gears they still play the sport even on a barefoot. The reason why some Filipino men have the ambition to be in the Professional field, well not a doubt because there are some professional players who became famous because of their skills like Allan Caidic, Alvin Patrimonio, Bong Ravena, Johnny Abarrientos, Jojo Lastimosa, James Yap, Marc Pingris, Jayson Castro, Paul Lee, Japeth Aguilar, and young bloods such as Scottie Thompson, Jio Jalalon, Jeron Teng, Kiefer Ravena, Von Pessumal, and so on. But this don't stop here for we have younger generations to watch out for, now let me give you some of the most promising young cagers.

6.  Robbie Manalang - Adamson Soaring Falcons

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   Rejected from  a lot of try outs but this man didn't stop to continue his dreams, his first season in the UAAP lifted his team from bottom to the final four, his field goals and speed brought him to be recognized in the league and looks like Coach Franz Pumaren didn't make a big mistake to take him as a part of the Soaring Falcons, He plays now in the D League and Coaches must keep an eye on him.

5. Jeric Ahanmisi - Adamson Soaring Falcons

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He maybe small but he is terrible, this Filipino - Nigerian made a big storm as a rookie playing for The Adamson soaring falcons as a shooting guard. He made seamless shots from the outside to the inside. His opponents keep an eye on him because if you let him do his craft he is so dangerous some schools made a big regret by letting go of him, and now he is loyal to his coach and to his school.
Watch out for this guy, he might follow his brothers footsteps as pro.

4. Aljun Melecio - De La Salle Green Archers

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         Aljun Jay Melecio, I featured him once in my blog as the new kid on the block, and then here he is again, he made a big break last season 78 for DLSU by helping his team in the finals. His playing ability is really exceptional that even he could do it alone. This man will be one of the        greatest player in his time. Melecio is still playing for DLSU, and can still get a lot of opportunities in his collegiate years. Well watch out for him in the next few years.

3. Ricci Rivero - De La Salle Green Archers

He's on leave for the green archers due to his endorsements but he's still a student of his university,but I'm not talking about his status but his performance in the league. He is well knThown for his good defense and shooting skills, and seems to be a good back court tandem to his co players. This promising young lad always shows passion for his sport, but sometimes he was misinterpreted. But anyway I know there teams and coaches are craving for this guy to play with them.

2. Thirdy Ravena - Ateneo de Manila University

Image result for thirdy ravena 

Having a star in the family is a pressure but not for this kid, even if he came from the family of atheletes, his brother and his dad made a big name in the league, but he still continues to rise as one of the best in the league. He is a late bloomer when it comes to basketball he struggled a lot unlike his brother, Thirdy still put his best foot forward in every game that he played and after so many years he was first named as the UAAP Juniors Seasons MVP, and last year as the Finals MVP for UAAP Mens basketball. His struggles and experience made him tough that's why he has a big spot in the professional league.

1. Kobe Paras 

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Known as the son of the "Tower of Power" and the only Rookie - MVP in Philippine basketball, he also made a mark as a competitive player. He's been a high school stand out from La Salle Greenhills and made a name in the US, he still has the aim to play in the local pro league, named as the youngest player in Gilas Pilipinas pool yet he still showcase his skills that he learned from his Dad. He maybe had a possibility to play in the NBA, but  he still has the heart to his country.

Miyerkules, Disyembre 13, 2017

Bible Reflection: Significance of Christmas

Christmas Bible Verses

  I know each one of us is excited this Christmas season, we are excited to celebrate it with our family, and friends, we look forward for gifts and delicious food for the feast. But what really Christmas is? is it about presents and food? For children Christmas is something that they have on their wishlist that Santa will give, for Adults sad to say Christmas is just a simple celebration, But for Christians, Christmas is for Christ the son of God who was bought to the Earth to save our sins.
 Yes indeed, that is the reason why we have what we call Christmas, It's the birth of our Saviour. It's not just a  holiday to gather all our families and friends, it's not that we made delicious food for our table, and not that we gave presents to our loved ones and share our blessings to the less fortunate. We must know what really Christmas is all about, Matt 1:21, She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him name JESUS for he will save his people from their sins, that's what the Angel said to Joseph. And when JESUS was born the Angel spread the news to people ( Luke 2:11) , they came to worship HIM and bought HIM gifts (Luke 2:12).

  As Christians we must know the essence of Christmas and why we celebrate it every year. Those gifts which the Wise men gave to JESUS the star that the shepherds followed to find the baby who was born in a manger wrapped by cloth,  but do you know what is the most important gift that was given to us?  JESUS, He is the most precious gift that God had given us, and not the material gift that we received every year. Every Christmas season before we eat the food on the table and open the presents that we received, thank HIM first for the blessings and always tell HIM that he is the reason why this celebration is so important, and we must thank HIM because he had given us the greatest gift of our lives.

" For unto us the child is born, Unto us the son is given and the government will be on HIS  shoulders. And HE will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, The Everlasting Father The Prince of Peace"

                                                                                                                           - Isaiah 9:6-

Biyernes, Hunyo 10, 2016

Game 4 analysis: GSW vs Cavs

Quicken Loans Arena - Cleveland, Ohio

Final Score 108 - 97

The Golden State Warrior secured a 3 - 1 advantage in the series after a record of 17 three - pointers. Stephen Curry poured in 38 points to help the Golden State Warriors dispatch the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Curry made seven out of his 13 three point shots, Thompson got 25 points while Barnes got 14 points in the game.

Meanwhile Cleveland struggled from the outside, Lebron made a lot of turnovers from the very beginning, as well as Kevin Love who just got back from an injury. Kyrie Irving and JR Smith combined to connect on just five of 19 shots from the arc, and the cavs made 15/26 from the free throw line. 

The Cavs dominated the game from the first to the third quarter of the game with a very tight defense came from Kyrie, Jefferson, Thompson, and Smith. Their defense didn't work when the Splash brothers exploded and showered three points in the third quarter, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, and Sean Livingston also made a mark. With the hardworking Varajao the Warriors came back from the scratch.

What Warriors did is they let Kyrie Irving do his thing and  let Lebron guarded, This should be the wisest move of Steph Kerr in making a comeback. They've underestimated the Warriors at first and they didn't learn a lesson from the OKC Thunders where they started 2- 0 and ended the game with a victory. And one thing more Jefferson fouled Curry that can make a Free Throw shot, that is the biggest downfall.

Game 5 is scheduled on Monday  9 PM  ET ( Tuesday 9 AM PST) 

Will the Cavs extend the game or the Warriors will still prove it on the Second time?

Biyernes, Abril 22, 2016

Travel Diaries 1: Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija

  I've been posting different kinds of blog, but mostly Basketball blogs, but then I will try to share something from my first out of town travel this 2016. This is my first travel blog.

I've been curious lately from the latest Instagram post of Jake Ejercito about his summer escapade In Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija, the first time I saw the picture I fell in love with the place, and I promised to myself that I will personally go there alone or with a group.

God answered my prayer because two of my co workers planned to go there and for me to spend less, I grab the opportunity to join and witness how beautiful the place is. I went there last April 17, 2016 for a short summer escapade. We travelled almost 4 hours by van, we left Cubao past 5 am, and we arrived past 8 am. The first activity that we did is we took 1,000 steps up to the cross,but before that we crossed the river by the hanging bridge, the view is overwhelming that's why I took some pictures before my phone ran out of battery.

I admit I enjoyed what I saw, that made me realized that I've been unhealthy for the past 5 years that I've been stuck to work. There I experienced to be a kid again, and looks like I need to give myself a break from the things that stressing me out. I am just a simple person who can be happy with simple things like this, after we went down from the 1,000 steps I conquer my fear of heights by riding on a zipline, and playing with the water while riding in a river raft, the truth is water is my therapy from stress.

It's been a priceless moment for me, It was a really short escapade but worth it. I've been away from the city for just a short period of time but I can't deny the fact that it made me feel good from a toxic environment. The smile on my face is the proof that I enjoyed the moment while I was there with the group of people.

The moment that we were there is the moment that I will treasure thanks to God for this wonderful place that made me appreciate and be myself after all.

Minalungao National Park  General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, one for the books done.


"Happiness is not measured on bank accounts, social life, and successful career. It is on how you appreciate live and value life even in simple things with no complications"


Biyernes, Marso 25, 2016

Splash Brothers

     Back court tandems plays the most important role in basketball, if you are a guard you must have a partner that suits your ability and has the same basketball IQ. Guards are the most important person inside the court, they are the one controls the game. It took me a lot of time to feature one of the most successful back court tandem in the NBA today They are called the "Splash Brothers", why? let's find out.

  Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both son of former NBA players were not recognized during high school, but both of them have successful college basketball career before they were selected as first round pick for Golden State Warriors, both of them played as starting guards, with their exceptional skills as long range shooters both of them earned not only public attention but also from NBA players. They were the first players who set various NBA records in the 3 point field by a pair of teammates and both of them won the three - point contest. They also became the first teammate in the league to be the starting guards in the All Star game since 1975, and they were the Warriors first All Star since 1993. They also became the first guard combo to be named in the All Star NBA Team in the same season since 1979 - 80. Two of them helped the Warriors to win their 2015 NBA Championship Title after 40 years.

   No Doubt, if they were called "Splash Brothers", they were the worst nightmare of every players in the NBA, with their guard skills and their back to back three point field goals, they can make even fans from the other team cheer for them. Well, all I can say is NBA can be still fun without Kobe, even if I am a Kobe fan and seems he will retire this season I still have the reason to watch the NBA. It is still a very long way for Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, they're  both young and successful players in the league and they can still make themselves improve and they have a lot of things to do to become a LEGEND, but what they are showing now is they can be as great as Mike, LBJ, KD and Kobe. More to come for the "Splash Brothers".

Biyernes, Marso 11, 2016

My Favorite Warrior

" I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me" 
-Philippians 4:13-

I grew up being a hoops fan, but I admit I only admire Michael Jordan. For me he is the Greatest Player of all time. I know there is Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant who rule the Basketball Planet and I admit they have the best skills, but I still really admire Michael Jordan, but not until this star guard enter the picture and by just one blink of an eye most of the hoops fan amazed and at the same time adore his basketball skills.

Wardell Stephen Curry, born March 14, 1988, jersey number 30  playing Guard of the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warrior. "Steph" as what the hoops world call him is the greatest shooter of the NBA, his fascinating shots from the half court is really amazing, and most of the Star Players in the NBA reacted on that shot, he even made Kobe smile during the All Star game. This guy had a lot of achievements but he is just so quiet about that, he is humble beyond those blessings that he received and no wonder he is blessed because of his attitude.

The most admirable attitude that he have is being a Man Of God, he was once condemn by the NBA community because he thank HIS master for winning the finals and being the MVP, but he ignore it and still he praise the name of the Lord. Nike the most leading sports clothing in the world offer him to be a part of their team, but he declined because Nike refused to grant his request to put his favorite verse on the shoes that he will be endorsing, that's why he accepted the offer from Under Armour, because they grant his request.

We can now often see a person who acknowledge and knows God after all, there maybe some but in the world of celebrities only few knows God. Hands down to Steph Curry for he is not ashame to shout the name of the Lord in the whole wide world. That is why blessings are over flowing to him and his family. Bless this man who acknowledge the Lord despite from the adversities that he is facing.

If you wanted to know about his stats  please visit :